How to start play2earn games? (For Beginners)

You may have heard about play2earn games and the pleasure and revenue they promise. The next thing you might do is decide to play one of these games. However, once you start googling and reading all these captivating blog posts, there’s too much information to handle. You can’t figure out which one to start and how to do it. Calm down, amigos, because we’ve been there, and we’re about to drop the most beginner-friendly piece of guidance the world has ever known.

What are the required steps to get into a play2earn game?

While there is no proven process to start playing blockchain games faster and more efficient, this is something we recommend that all beginners do:


  1. Conduct qualitative and quantitative research. Use aggregators and other information sources to find all available information about the games.
  2. Choose a match from that you believe would be appealing for investment. Then you must calculate how much of your time and money each game will need and the potential profit. Choose the ones with the most significant return on investment.
  3. Determine precisely what you should perform in the game to benefit. Do you need to play the game regularly? Or is it wiser to speculate on the game’s tokens by purchasing them on the open market? Or perhaps it would be prudent to purchase NFTs for certain items in this game, such as weapons, land, or arts? Every game has its own set of rules, which you must be aware of before beginning.
  4. Join online communities. This may be incredibly useful. You may acquire early access to sales and investment rounds, get update on new version pushouts, massive purchasing power, and receive some inside knowledge. Being a part of the community is essential for securing your investments and learning how to reach the top of the leaderboard in Play2Earn programs.

What are the things to check before starting the game?

We’re about to tell you some tips and tricks to make sure you can count on the game authenticity and security in case of fraudulent behavior.

These are as follows:

  • Does the game share any useful content on social media accounts like Twitter or Telegram? Specifically is there a community of players that ensure game authenticity?
  • How many people are already playing this game? Can you see the feedback and comments of the players on social media?
  • Does the website have any comprehensive whitepaper available to browse?
  • What exactly is game core mechanics? Features and a guide for gameplay?
  • Are there any game art or animations available on the website?
  • Is the game’s mechanics fair for normal players, or is it geared toward bots? If you choose the latter, the game will not be popular and you will most likely lose money.
  • What are game competitors, and what is the game’s defining feature?
  • What is the marketing strategy, and who is on the project team? What are the tokenomics?
  • Does the game have a clear and long-term roadmap?

ZipClash, A trustworthy choice in the play2earn industry

ZiplClasah is a play2earn game that’s based on the best practices of the industry. Players in this genre are usually worried about security breach and various scams that come with all the decentralized nature of the blockchain games. However, we have made sure to put all these pints into consideration in case of security breaches of the blockchain network.