What are idle games and why are they so popular among fans?

Quick! Just sit and start tapping, do your homework, take a nap, start the game, and voila! You have earned some extra cash even when not playing! Isn’t that just a dream coming true?


Thanks to the idle/clicker game genre, we all have the luxury of playing these games. But what are they exactly, and why have they become so popular among players all around the globe?


What is an idle game?


Idle is a game that goes on even without the player being present in the game. For example, imagine you have bought a house, and you just need to decorate it. You put it in auto mode and leave the game. After returning to the game, the place is well-decorated without you taking action.


In other words, Idle games are running at all times and are gathering resources and, in short, advancing the game themselves. So this means that whether the player is in the game or not, the game is running, and the player can continue the game whenever he wants.


Why have idle games become so popular?

Idle is not a new genre, and even in 2014, we saw games such as Cookie Clicker and Adventure Capitalist, but what is quite apparent, this style began to peak in 2016.


The statistics show a growing trend in the number of downloads and revenue in this genre, which is not the case in most genres. For example, puzzles, simulations, casinos, and strategies reached near-established (or even declining) markets. But when it comes to Idle, it’s still the center of innovation in the mobile market.


“What’s the secret behind these compelling games?” you might ask. There are many reasons, but there are several major ones:


  • Every time they return to the game, they feel accomplished.
  • Before stopping the game for idle returns, max out the game to the most optimized state possible.
  • A clear sense of your progress
  • Minimum physical involvement for players
  • Varied Trophies and badges create a distinct sense of accomplishment
  • The feeling of progress that comes with upgrading is always appealing to players.
  • People enjoy watching numbers grow regularly.


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