What are play-to-earn games and why do they matter?

Just imagine a future where you could enjoy your time playing video games and earn real money at the same time. Seems so far-fetched? Well, not anymore!


Truth be told, we’re already living in the age of play-to-earn games, and it’s all just getting started. If you don’t know what these blockchain NFT-based games are and how they work, stick with us because we’re about to embark deep our toes into a new era of gaming.

What are play-to-earn games?

The Play-to-Earn business model is the latest development in the gaming industry. This business model embraces the concept of an open economy and provides financial benefits to all players participating in the gaming world.


Currently, the world is witnessing a new game model known as play2earn, which has attracted the attention of many users and gamers, especially in the world of blockchain and with the boom of games based on non-fungible tokens or NFTs.


Blockchain or play2earn games allow players to earn money by participating in contests. Players create value for other gamers and developers by participating in the in-game ecosystem and making money in return for their participation.

How do play 2 earn games work?

Blockchain play2earn games combine gaming and finance and provide a way for users to earn money.


NFT tokens are stored on the blockchain and belong to a specific digital asset. While their features and how they work are complex, the bottom line is that they can be used as proof of ownership for a particular digital asset.


NFTs have become a common way to sell digital art, allowing people to claim ownership of the original version of a photo, chat, text, song, or video.


What are the requirements for playing play to earn blockchain games?

The most important advantage of playing these crypto games is that they mostly don’t need high-end hardware or software.

You will need two main things to participate in Play to Earn games and start earning money from these games:


  1. A digital wallet: We need a wallet to store digital currencies and in-game NFTs and send in-game transactions. This voltage must be compatible with the blockchain network on which the game is implemented. Metamsk wallet, for example, supports games on Etherium, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.


  1. Purchase required items: All play2earn games are free to download, But many ask users to buy items such as characters, native tokens, etc., to start the game. That’s why you should have a wallet ready.


ZipClash, FIRST idle/clicker play-to-earn game ever!

ZipClash is a competitive clicker game where players earn tokens by doing everyday tasks such as renovating planets and operating intergalactic missions. After achieving the top level, the player will have a good weekly, monthly, and yearly income.


Here’s a list of noteworthy advantages that makes ZipClash different from other play-to-earn games:


  • Free-to-Play: Just install and start playing; no entrance fee required


  • Easy-to-Play: Say goodbye to all the confusing mainstream metaverse games with long, incomprehensive tutorials


  • Mobile-friendly: no high-end software or hardware required, just a mobile phone


  • Clicker/idle game: ZipClash is all about investing, growing your business, and becoming wise to make your decisions. Just click and win


If you’re hooked on playing the game, just go to the ZipClash homepage and start downloading the game.