What is Game Crypto? How to get started in crypto gaming investment

In 2021, the market for video games worldwide reached $195 billion. It makes sense that cryptocurrency will have a bigger role as more gamers around the world immerse themselves in online gaming universes. Games that allow players to “play to earn,” or P2E, compensate them in cryptocurrencies or digital tokens based on their performance or time spent playing the game. Gamers can benefit from their talent or interest in gaming by earning cryptocurrencies. But before you dive in, some questions might pop into your head. Does every game have its blockchain? What games are safe to invest in? Stay with us, and we’ll tell you about everything you need to know.

What is crypto gaming?

Although the idea of virtual game currency is not new, the development of blockchain technology has given crypto gaming developers the chance to incorporate real-world economics into their games. By participating in and winning a game, cryptocurrency players can acquire non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or cryptocurrency, which become the player’s personal property. On centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, it is frequently possible to convert in-game digital tokens into stablecoins. These digital assets can be instantly converted to fiat money or sold or exchanged on online exchanges.

How does crypto gaming work?

Crypto gaming uses a wide range of various business structures. According to Adrian Krion, founder and CEO of blockchain-based gaming platform Spielworks, P2E games give players a variety of ways to earn or purchase gaming tokens. By purchasing these tokens in advance and [hoping] that more players will join the game after they do, people can profit from them, according to Krion. Some cryptocurrency games generate revenue by advertising or the selling of in-game goods like certain weapons, skins, or even virtual territory. Then, by rewarding them with cryptocurrency or NFTs for completing objectives, the developers encourage players to invest more time in the game. These missions often consist of straightforward activities that require players to engage with the game in some way, like defeating a predetermined number of opponents or gathering a predetermined quantity of supplies. Other cryptocurrency gaming platforms give users the option to use their cryptocurrency as a wager in online casinos and other games of chance.

What is the difference between crypto gaming and classic gaming?

In regular games, especially in online games, fraud or falsification of data and fraudulent actions such as stealing and selling user accounts have become major problems. Technically, not only can normal games be hacked, but other people’s accounts and data can also be stolen. Since these games are centralized, traditional game makers also try to fix these problems by deleting the accounts of fraudulent users and updating the games regularly, but this is like a cat and mouse game. On the other hand, developers’ access to games, user accounts, and their personal information are one of the problems of traditional games because the developers of traditional games can limit user’s access to the game or disable it by disabling the game servers at any time, while this is not the case in blockchain games. In blockchain games, due to the blockchain infrastructure, the control of the games and governance matters are the responsibility of the players and the active community of the games, and no person or supervisory organization can access the assets and personal information of the players. For this reason, blockchain games have high privacy and decentralization. Due to the use of blockchain technology in these games, there is high transparency in them, too. Therefore it is very difficult to cheat in blockchain games, and an environment has been created where games can be played safely.

Can we invest in crypto gaming?

In blockchain games, some people make a living as professional gamers by showing their superiority in the game. On the other hand, in blockchain games, some people may make a living by buying and selling assets. There are also real stores where you can buy and sell game characters and items using digital currencies. Therefore, blockchain games are a way to connect and communicate between the game world and the real world, and if blockchain games become popular, it is not surprising that such a future is coming. DeFi is another area based on blockchain that can replace traditional banking in the future. Through this link, you can get to know this area completely.

How to get started in crypto gaming investment?

In blockchain games, you can buy and sell land, buildings, animals, tools, and characters, which will remain even after the game is over. Therefore, you can consider them as assets and start making money in this way. Keep in mind that rare items and attractive characters are bought and sold at high prices. In addition, the higher the in-game items that belong to you and the more advanced they are, the more valuable they are.

1. Buying and selling assets

Assets such as characters and items can be bought and sold with others, so if an asset is scarce, it will be bought and sold at a high price. In this case, payment is also made with digital currencies. To sell in-game assets, it is enough to share them in the in-game market or the buying and selling markets of unique tokens and set a price for them and wait for them to be sold. Since blockchain technology cannot cheat, you only buy and sell assets you have earned the right way. In this sense, the world of blockchain games will be fair, just, and with high transparency.

2. Receive in-game rights

In addition to being able to buy and sell game characters and items. If you own a playground, you can charge a usage fee from the person who used the playground, or in other words, rent it from them. Since it can be proven that the land was not illegally acquired, it is possible to buy and sell it in the same way as in the real world.

3. Dividend and content bonus

In short, you can earn assets by recording high scores in the game or by doing lotteries, bets, etc. In these games, many seasonal, occasion, and challenge competitions are held, in each of which rewards are given to the selected people. With the increase in the number of users in blockchain games, the amount of attention and the amount of liquidity also increases. You can also see blockchain games where users gather to get rewards. Note: Opening an account in exchanges is necessary to play these games because they are based on digital currency transactions.

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