Gods Unchained launches on Epic Games Store, GODS Spikes 50%

Gods Unchained, a blockchain card trading game developed by Immutable Studio, has launched on Epic Games Store (EGS). Following this launch, GODS, the native token of the Gods Unchained ecosystem, has rallied 50% from June 2023 lows, expanding in line with the broader cryptocurrency markets spearheaded by Bitcoin, which is currently trading above $31,000.

Gods Unchained launches on Epic Games Store

The game recently announced its debut on Epic Games Store, a digital gaming distribution platform with over 230 million PC gamers, including a community of digital trading card enthusiasts.

As one of the original web3 games, Gods Unchained has been at the forefront of decentralized gaming. Now, intending to attract more mainstream trading card game and strategy gamers, Gods Unchained is undergoing an update, with an updated logo and updated visuals across different points, which would launch with the Epic Games Store release.

The PC game also teased a mobile-friendly design focused on onboarding new users. In a comment about the launch Daniel Paez, the executive producer of Gods Unchained, said EGS will introduce the web3 game to a “massive audience of traditional PC gamers and TCG enthusiasts.”

Blockchain gaming, NFT activity recovering

The deployment on EGS is timely. Specifically, it is when the cryptocurrency market is recovering after months of lower lows in 2022. During the last bear cycle, cryptocurrency prices crashed from 2021 peaks, impacting activity. Out of this, there was a significant contraction in non-fungible tokens (NFT) activity, which translated to low activity.

In the Gods Unchained blockchain games, all trading cards are represented as unique NFTs. These represent ownership and can be transferred between users, even exchanged for cash or other cryptocurrencies. Since trading cards vary in rarity, the value assigned to each can change.

According to DappRadar, unique active wallets (UAWs) remain stable at around 1,150 but lower than 2021 peaks when it spiked to over 4,000. At the same time, Gods Unchained generated over $745,000 in active transaction values.

At the moment, GODS, the native token of the Gods Unchained game, is rising in sync with the broader cryptocurrency market. GODS is trading at $0.16, up 50% from June lows. GODSUSDT Candlestick arrangement shows that the token is bottoming up after dropping 75% from February 2023 highs.

GODS price on June 23| Source: GODSUSDT from Binance, TradingView

Last year, Immutable Studio, the developer of Gods Unchained, had to let go of multiple employees, including a senior game designer James Wakeham. These restructuring efforts resulted in a 6% reduction in the company’s workforce, yet, Immutable Games remained optimistic about its future.

At the time, a spokesperson for the studio said the decision was to help them “achieve its goal of creating the next generation of web3 games.”