ZipClash FAQs

ZipClash is a clicker/idle Play 2 Earn blockchain game with an easy-to-play ecosystem. 

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Participants are paid with cryptos or NFTs for playing games they would usually play for free under this novel gaming paradigm oriented for adults.

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Axie Infinity is a successful example of a play-to-earn gaming enterprise; monthly income rose from $103k in January to $364m in August 2021. The game has surpassed one million daily active players and exceeded $600 million in cumulative revenue.

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In the new world of digital assets, cryptocurrency and online finance management, games are no longer simply for fun. Without losing sight of the main purpose of gaming (recreation), crypto games provide a way to earn money while enjoying yourself, or simply by setting up a game that runs itself!

Because of its unique economic system, ZipClash is the best ico to invest in 2023.

ZipClash is proud to introduce a novel economic model of P2E gaming that ensures long-term growth using its noble C/S model and competitive leaderboard clusters. 

Your aim in the game is to become a tycoon and earn income passively.

Being an idle/clicker game, ZipClash demands very little of your time. However, to up your earnings and gain a passive income, you should play more and be more active in the game. The more time you spend on the game, the more planets you can unlock, hence more income. 

Virtually anyone can play this game. It is an ideal game for all kinds of people, regardless of age, or schedule restrictions. There is no learning curve and children, YA, middle aged, or the elderly can all play it with equal ease, while having the same amount of fun!

The basic game is a free game to play, and you can even earn money from it. However, if you want to make more profit, you will need to invest some money for buying assets. Once you earn enough in-game tokens, you can use them to upgrade or buy virtual assets (NFTs) which can be used for trading.

We plan on making ZipClash completely versatile so that it can be played on any platform, but currently we are focusing on the mobile version.

The games are extremely easy and can be learned very quickly by anyone.

There are many ways to earn the in-game tokens:

  • Build, upgrade and sell planets and boosters in the marketplace as NFTs (non-fungible tokens)
  • Leaderboard clusters that reward users based on players’ rank
  • Participate in occasional intergalactic tournaments (PVP Tournament) and receive awards

ZIC is the governance token. ZIPI token (ZPI) is the in-game currency of the ZipCash gaming platform.

  • ZIC: The ZipClash token is earned by participating in events.
  • ZPI: It is used to pay players during the game. It is entirely generated by the players through the amount of player in-game revenue. The token will be used to upgrade and participate in events. They can also be converted to fiat currencies.

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Players can earn ZIC tokens by participating in events. Participation in events is done by using ZPI tokens.

The ZIC token is also used to pay for players that win an event, which can be used to buy loot boxes and Chest items from the marketplace with this token. It can also be withdrawn to the external wallet.

Players earn ZPI tokens by completing daily missions.

The ZPI token will be used to upgrade and participate in events, or to withdraw it and convert to fiat currencies.

A total of 2,000,000,000 ZIC tokens are available. 45% of these are allocated for P2E. Details of the token allocations for the rest can be read here.

Tokens can be withdrawn to the external wallet and used by players in the real world by converting them to fiat currencies.

In ZipClash, the leaderboard clusters and the game’s time-based model will make the supply amount predictable, which helps the tokens to be paid in a pre-defined manner. Therefore inflation can be prevented due to its recognizability.

Not at all. There is no prerequisite knowledge required for playing this game.

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ZipClash offers virtual assets (NFTs) – stored in inventory – and you can trade your assets with other players at a higher price in the marketplace. The digital assets used within the game world as in-game content are programed as NFTs (“Non-Fungible Token”).

Using NFTs in ZipClash grants players ownership of their in-game assets. Through blockchain technology, gamers can save in-game purchases, sell them to other players, or exchange them with any other player with cryptocurrency.

Collectors value rarity and authenticity, and the scarcity of in-game NFT purchases is provable through the immutable records embedded in an NFT’s underlying blockchain network.

NFTs exist independently of a specific gaming platform and live on the blockchain itself. As such, in-game purchases can be bought and sold regardless of what happens to the game and cannot be duplicated or tampered with because of the permanent record each NFT generates upon issuance.

ZipClash is an idle simulation game that can be easily played by any age group, regardless of gender. With this, we aspire to become the most popular gaming platform and command a large community of loyal players worldwide. The following are some of the competitive advantages of ZipClash:

  • Play to Earn
  • Easy to Play
  • Free to Play